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                                     The Terra Tensor and Tensor Rings

                                                 by: Primitive Initiative


                                                The Invisible Dilemma


          Thank you for taking the time to look into and order a Terra Tensor. Whether this is your first or one of many I'd like to remind you of why this technology is important and why I recommend it. As more scientific research starts to surface concerning the health hazards of EMFs (a whole spectrum of electric and magnetic fields/ frequencies) we must approach technological developments with more scrutiny. What's happening  worldwide is that many of these technologies are being introduced, whether wired or wireless with inadequate safety testing and many conflicts of interest in those industries responsible for testing. Thankfully we have access to research papers, measuring devices and EMF experts to help us better understand and avoid the dangers of these invisible threats. Another resource we have is the human conscience and body. Acting as a canary in the coal mine, many individuals have spoken out about their electromagnetic sensitivity. The symptoms these people mention are sharp/hot headaches, migraines, mood disorders, dehydration, muscle aches, thyroid issues, fatigue, poor sleep, sickness and even cancer.


                                            Does it harm everyone?


          One might ask, “How come I don't feel these symptoms?” The answer is complex and has to do with our individual differences and exposure. However, studies show that when observed on a cellular level the damage induced on a person (or animal) who feels the symptoms versus a person who does not is the same! This means that EMFs (whether we feel them or not) hurt us all and will most likely give rise to issues later in life. Unfortunately, these issues that arise will be hard to link back to exposures from EMFs unless a diagnosed brain or breast tumor is in the same location as where one kept their cell phone. One main issue is chronic exposure. The further we advance in technology the less of a choice we have to be immersed in these unnatural frequencies all day, every day. The dangers of EMFs are real and it is in everyone's best interest to learn about EMF safety. Therefore, I will link resources on the bottom of this pamphlet to let you research for yourself.


                                                    Where are they?


          In our not so distant past, we had almost no damaging non-native frequencies. The rapid escalation of EMFs are at odds wit our natural and native environment. The following is a list of EMFs most of us are exposed to on a daily basis, as opposed to the natural and native environment of the not so distant past when we had almost no damaging frequencies; cell phone towers along with the looming implementation of the highly controversial 5G network, your Wi-Fi router and all your neighbors, cell phones emitting Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/NFC and GPS with usually more than one in a household, wireless home phones, smart TVs, smart cameras, smart AI systems (i.e. Alexa/Siri), video game counsels and controllers, smart cars, smart water bottles, laptops, smart toys for kids, smart air purifiers, all electrical appliances smart or not with poor grounding (especially oven/fridge/microwave), fluorescent lights, office buildings, apartments, libraries, classrooms, radio transmission towers, smart meters, smart watches, wireless headphones, power lines, electrical wiring in the walls/ground and ceiling, electric toothbrushes/shavers and more.


                                              What you can do about it


          The good news is that these items are currently fairly easy to neutralize. Here are some preventative measures to decrease the electro-smog and nn(non-native) EMF environment in your neighborhood and life.


  1. Turn off Wi-Fi routers at bedtime.

  2. Put phone on airplane mode when not in use or when close to body.

  3. Download media content before becoming mobile in a car/bus/airplane/run/bike and listen on airplane mode.

  4. Turn off wireless tech on your laptop while working if not needed.

  5. Turn off any unused wireless tech in your vehicle if not in use or opt for a vehicle with no wireless tech.

  6. Keep a far distance from as many sources of EMF as possible (don't walk under power lines, lay on the floor or have the head of your bed against walls).

  7. Avoid living near cellphone towers.

  8. Use a wired internet connection when possible. Even for phones/video streaming devices/gaming counsels.

  9. Switch light bulbs to old fashioned incandescent ones and carefully dispose of the compact fluorescent twist bulb as they contain high amounts of mercury vapor.

  10. Put phone on speaker whenever possible instead of to your head.

  11. Avoid wireless video game controllers especially near the groin.

  12. Limit or avoid use of wireless headphones.

  13. Put smart watches on airplane mode and sync a few times a day.

  14. Decrease the amount of wireless technology in your home skip “smart” stuff whenever possible.

  15. Sit far from your TV at all times.

  16. Never sleep in the same room where the “smart meter” is directly outside.

  17. Never live under power lines.

  18. Walk on dirt, sand, or grass somewhere in nature every day especially after rain. This is a technique called “grounding.”

  19. Remove all alarm clocks in your bedroom and use your phone instead.

  20. Avoid working on electronics while they are plugged in (unless they must be).

  21. Include plenty of magnesium and antioxidants (molecular hydrogen) in your diet.

  22. Avoid light dimmer switches and opt for regular.

  23. Avoid using the microwave and eliminate unit if possible.

  24. Unplug unused electronics (especially at bed time).

  25. Opt for single homes when possible.

  26. Avoid too much time in cities.

  27. Last but not least- own and wear a Terra Tensor daily!


         There are many ways in which EMF's can physically damage our health but there are also metaphysical components as well. After eliminating as many EMF's from your life as possible, the next logical option is to either develop or use a device that helps with frequencies we cannot yet control. These devices work on subtle energies, usually in the quantum realm which does scientifically exist. Some devices and minerals that energetically work at harmonizing nnEMF in our environment are Orgonite, Lodestone, Shungite, Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, specially arranged magnets, Schumann resonances, Schumann resonance devices (Blushield), Pyramids, Tensor Rings such as The Terra Tensor, and more.


                                       What are Tensor ring devices?


          The Tensor Ring was discovered by Slim Spurling in 91', a famous geo-dowser with an interest in metaphysics. Slim knew that linear copper wire had 2 (positive-negative energy) polarities. In order to make the polarity of the wire become an emitter of only positive energy he bent it over on itself and gave it a clockwise twist. This twisted copper was later named the Tensor Ring as Slim found out that John Archibald Wheeler had previously studied these closed loop coils and named the generated field. The twist on the copper wire and its joining of ends plays off of common mode rejection, which cancels out (noise) electromagnetic fields within the ring and forms a non-polar column of light. This cancellation can be demonstrated and visualized in the ring by GDV imaging and individual chiropractic muscle testing.


                                            How does it work?


          The beneficial aspects of the ring are also due to the frequency emitted by the length of the tensor. Slim Spurling used the Royal Cubit (52.5) length of measure for his tensors based off of findings at the Great Pyramid of Giza. Doug Benjamin interpreted a lost symbol from the Kings chamber and found four different cubit lengths, one being the Royal Cubit. After testing with Slims royal cubit tensor, astrophysicist Hans Becker found that it oscillated at 144 MHz and mentioned it to be a harmonic speed of light. Hans Becker and Slim later collaborated and found another beneficial frequency, the Lost Cubit, 177MHz. Hans Becker then went on to mention that certain fractions of the cubit lengths such as 1/8, ½, 1 ½, 2, 3 ½ still produce the Tensor field within the rings by retaining frequency. The Terra Tensor by default uses the ¼ Royal cubit for the pendent size but all other fractions can also be made at the request of the individual.



                                         Why are Tensor rings beneficial?


          Tensor Rings also have an interesting effect on water. Phillip Callahan, a paramagnetism expert, found that Tensor Rings make elements in water spin to their high spin state referred to as ORME (orbitally re-arranged mono-atomic elements) Pangman and Evans the authors of “Dancing with water,” state that Tensor rings give water a more organized molecular structure. The organization increases the longer the water sits inside of the ring. They also mention that when two containers of water with the same volume are placed on a scale, 24-48 hours later the container with the Tensor ring above it becomes lighter. The reason is predicted to be the type and amount of elements that can enter the ORME high spin state. Thus by wearing a Terra Tensor we may harmonize the environment and frequencies around us so they may inevitably pass through our bodies and cells with the least amount of damage.


                                               Additional Resources


          Further information on Tensor Ring technology and more can be found in the sources below. We believe that with the right intention and proper Tensor ring assembly, it can be a powerful tool to mitigate and restructure the frequencies around us to become biologically friendly.





  • Dancing With Water (MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans book)

  • The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs (Nicolas Pineault book)

  • Electrical Forensics (Steven Magee book)

  • David Wilcock (Wisdom Teachings show, full Season 16, 17 and 21, episodes 181-185 in Season 23)

  • Ken Rohla 

  • David Kohl 

  • Twisted Sage (Brian Besco website)

  • Pyramid Power (Patrick Flanagan book)