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Bidets are in TP is out!

Few can argue that cleaning our body with water is the most effective as apposed to any dry attempt. We don't take a shower with only a towel do we? So then why do we follow the dry toilet paper mentality when it comes to using the restroom? Toilet paper wastes trees, our money, pollutes our water, increases pollutants in the air by manufacturing, is bleached and reacts with tap water and our skin to form harmful compounds. Toxic toilet paper in contact with our most sensitive and absorbent body parts multiple times a day is a very bad idea. This bidet is the most cost effective and cleansing option. It not only is a very hands free method but a much more thorough cleansing. The Luxe Neo has multiple settings for spray strength and angle, so females can clean multiple areas in one sitting. This unit fits easily and quickly into almost all toilet arrangements. It is light weight, has a self cleaning setting and a protective nozzle cover. No electricity is needed and works only by water pressure. This has been a huge money saver for me along with the added benefits of health and a cleaner restroom visit! Simply click the link on the left to purchase. 

Put your phone on airplane mode and enjoy EMF free internet!

Whether we are conscious of the dangers of electromagnetic pollution on our bodies or not we all use the internet to accomplish many tasks. Extended time on wireless technology can cause dehydration on a cellular level, headaches, alterations to sleep patterns, irritability, oxidative damage to our tissues, DNA damage and much more. With EMF distance is your friend! You are surrounded by electromagnetic pollution from your neighbors to all the other wireless technology around, why not lesson the load in your vicinity and make your house a healthier place? With the Ethernet adapter to the left you can now hard-wire your phone as you would a computer and eliminate all wireless technology emitting from your phone and router! This adapter works super fast and reliably as long as you have an Ethernet cable, which are cheap and easy to attain. This version is for the iPhone OS 10 and up.